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A Dog Brings it Back

A Dog Brings it Back




A line of fetch toys that shows the good that dogs do for our lives.

Many people sink into depression after a traumatic event and may come to think that life has no meaning. But just when they give up and toss out their will to love, be happy, and live, someone comes and brings it all back: a dog.

Pedigree used the most common game that dogs and their owners play, fetch, to reinforce the idea that dogs bring things back – and to create a pro-adoption campaign. Alongside an animated spot telling this story, Pedigree launched a line of fetch toys printed with the words “love,” “joy,” “life,” and “hope.”

So whenever a person decided to throw their “joy” away, for example, they’d find their dog bringing it back to them.

The toys were handed out to influencers and given to people who’d been through difficult experiences, packaged in beautiful boxes in the shape of dogs’ heads.

With this simple analogy, Pedigree reinforced the importance of adopting a dog, showing just how important they are and how much good they do us.