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R$ --> Reality





A tool that converts the amount of money (Brazilian real - R$) evaded in the corruption scandals reported by Estadão Newspaper on its website into products and basic public services that are collapsing in Brazil.

Brazil is experiencing a generalized crisis. The country’s economic and political systems are in crisis and public services are collapsing. And at the same time, the largest corruption. Scandals in the history of the country are coming to light. There are so many accusations, involving such large amounts of money, that readers lose sight of what those sums represent. We created a tool for the portal, which allow users to convert the amounts in question into products and services provided by the public sector that is so deficient, correlating the news about money disappearing with the news about the under- funded public services. We developed an algorithm that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze the content and context of the news that a user is reading on Estadão newspaper website. If it detects a correlation with political embezzlement, all the values (in Brazilian real currency) are highlighted (regardless of spelling) and when the user interacts with them, a tooltip appears and allows him to choose in which public goods or service he wishes to convert it. After chosen, the user is redirected to the website “From Real to Reality – The corruption converter” to see the conversion result and all the dynamically generated infographics that illustrate the brutal truth, or also browse through other conversions.

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