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VW Trucks



A film that adapts itself to however you want to watch it: vertically or horizontally.

Nowadays, there are vertical videos and there are horizontal videos.Well, for years, Volkswagen Trucks have been repeating that they’re custom-made for whatever your needs may be. And so their new video is, too. If you watch it horizontally, you see one story. If you watch it vertically, the image automatically adapts to the format and you see another story.

Whenever you go to a website, the site can tell what device you’re using (tablet, computer, phone held vertically or horizontally), and it delivers you content that’s perfect for that format. 

Vertical version:


Horizontal version:


With that in mind, we created a video for mobile that adapts to the way it’s being If you hold your phone sideways, the image is squeezed to fit onscreen, altering the shot and giving it a humorous twist and a new meaning. If you hold your phone vertically, the square shot is stretched out to fit the whole screen, creating a new version of the shot, with a fresh meaning and an amusing interpretation.

Each version also had its own narration, soundtrack, and sound design, helping to differentiate between them and produce a result that was truly custom-made.